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Choosing the right Real Estate Agentrealtor

Sell your home for Top Dollar with the Top Best Real Estate Agent. A good Agent will save you time and money when selling or buying a property. The Top Best Real Estate Agents in every city across the United States are identified to join our network. Each real estate agent is evaluated and screened for approval by the National Real Estate Review Board enabling you to make the right decision with confidence and ease. We value agent’s who are members of the National Association of Realtors® (NAR). Being a member of the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) shows commitment to professional real estate and only NAR members can be identified as Realtors®.  Learn more


price-housePricing your home to sell

Pricing your home is both an art and a science. Whether you’re selling a luxury estate, small condominium or family home in the suburbs, a good Real Estate Agent will bring their knowledge and experience in your local market to analyze comparable recent sells, evaluate the uniqueness of your property and recommend an effective asking price for your house. This method is also know as a CMA or Comparative Market Analysis. Learn more



Marketing-2Advertising & Promotion

Top selling Real Estate Agents are prepared to get maximum exposure to your listing. They will pay the expense of advertising and bear the burden of getting your listing the maximum exposure possible, both to buyers but also to other agents who are working with buyers. With access to their agent network and the technology tools now available, your agent can ensure exposure to buyers locally, nationally and even internationally. Learn more


Negotiation – The art of the dealnegotiate

A good Real Estate Agent will negotiate professionally and effectively on your behalf. In the end, your pricing strategy, your promotion, your staging and agent choice all funnels into one moment. The negotiation. You have a buyer that wants your house. You want to sell the house. You both want the best deal available. A skilled negotiator will find that win-win ground where everyone involved get’s most of what they want and are happy to close the deal. A lesser negotiator will leave money on the table or worse fail to find that common ground between buyer and seller. Learn more


Dress for success – Stage your homestage-2

First impressions are everything in real estate. Potential buyers make their decision quickly, often in the first 30 seconds upon entering a house. What you want is for a buyer to walk into your home and say “I want to live here, I understand this house, I get it.” Staging can be done with a hired professional or as a do it yourself project. You can spend top dollar or maximize your benefits with a limited budget. It is truly amazing the improvement that can be made with a limited budget and some TLC!  Learn more

pic-buyersTips For Buyers pic-for-sale-signTips For Sellers pic-for-buyers-formBuyers Connect With #1 Agents pic-for-sellers-formSellers Connect With #1 Agents

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