Our Vision

A principled and trustworthy real estate marketplace for buyers and sellers. Built On Trust.

Our Mission

NRRB’s mission is to be the premier source for consumers to connect with credible, reliable and trust worthy real estate agents in every city across the country. We strive to be a leader in the advancement of real estate trust in the marketplace. NRRB works to accomplish this mission by:

  • Setting principles for relationships built on trust within the real estate marketplace
  • Encouraging and supporting best principles and practice for real estate
  • Rewarding superior real estate role models
  • Disparaging substandard real estate practices
  • Helping consumers connect with accredited local real estate agents

Principles of Trust

All NRRB accredited real estate agents have agreed to live up to the National Real Estate Review Boards Principles for Relationships Built On Trust. Our Principles of Trust are a complete set of guidelines, measures and best practices focused on how real estate agents should engage with consumers in all situations – with honesty, integrity & fairness. NRRB membership is a privilege and not every real estate agent or agency is eligible to join. Only real estate agents and their agencies who meet our Performance Standards and Principles of Trust are invited to join.

    • Commitment…  Take individual responsibility for meeting shared goals and honoring commitments to clients, our communities and associates.
    • Compassion…  Understand the importance of acting with empathy and developing meaningful relationships that will positively influence our associates and consumers.
    • Quality…  Provide outstanding service, quality and unsurpassed dedication that, together, deliver premium value to the real estate marketplace.
    • Integrity… Obey client’s lawful instructions in a timely manner and uphold the highest standards in all our actions.
    • Teamwork… Work together, across boundaries and in partnership, to meet consumer needs and achieve partnered goals.
    • Respect… Value all clients and their diversity, providing elite service to all.
    • Good Citizenship… Seek to find ways in which to engage and support the communities where we live and work, through volunteerism, civic involvement and leading by example.
    • Personal Accountability… Keep our commitments to one another and to those we serve through accepting ownership for the quality of the work we produce. We have a strong desire to win in the marketplace and in every aspect of our business, and each associate accepts personal responsibility for achieving organizational success.
    • Confidentiality… Maintain client’s private, confidential information and best interests above all else.
    • Good Standing Member… Maintain good standing membership


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