National Real Estate Review Board

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Thank you for beginning your membership application!

The NRRB independently evaluates and accredits qualified, leading real estate agents nationwide. We are excited to begin working with you and look forward to providing you with superior customer service just as you do for your clients! 

NRRB Membership Provides:

  • Instant credibility to potential clients
  • A broader customer audience
  • Generating more exposure
  • Resulting in more leads
  • Leads turning into lifelong customers

NRRB Agent Members are chosen from leading local brokerages across the country. They are Award Winners and maintain the Highest Customer Satisfaction Ratings. The NRRB also highlights many rising stars who are bringing new energy to the real estate marketplace.

Although not every agent is approved, we’ll provide you with clear feedback on what additional requirements may be missing or require further clarification. The NRRB looks forward to welcoming you as a member.

No Negative Reviews!! EVER!! Protect Your Reputation – at the NRRB we only post positive reviews of our members. If we receive a complaint about your services, we will contact you directly to resolve the dispute. We are aware that most complaints against agents may be fabricated or simply untrue. If we find complaints are validated and the situation can’t be resolved, we’ll choose to close your membership instead of posting a negative review. We believe in supporting our members hard work and brand development, not tearing it down. NRRB Agents work extremely hard, rest assured that your reputation is safe with us.

NRRB Membership provides an extra layer of credibility fueling customer confidence, reassuring customers that they are working with a highly vetted, ethical, professional and knowledgeable agent. The NRRB Verified Agent Badge is available for you to display on your website and marketing materials and showcase your commitment to excellence.

NRRB Verified Agent Profile Page – Utilizing the information you provide and our own independent research we build your agent profile to showcase your services, resources, education and proven track record to potential clients. Some agents choose to use their NRRB Agent Profile Page for a dedicated website link to provide to their network.

Increased Exposure – You are recognized as an NRRB Verified A+ top producing proven agent, putting you at the forefront of potential customers looking for a trustworthy, successful Real Estate Agent.

Differentiation – The NRRB Verified A+ Membership ensures your success and hard work can be instantly recognized by potential clients. Only top performing agents qualify to be NRRB Verified. Our goal is to get every client working with the right agent, right from the start.

NRRB Verified Lead Program – Consumers instantly send you info on their buying or selling needs directly from your NRRB customized Agent Profile Page. 

Verification takes just two to three business days. Upon approval you will receive your NRRB Verified A+ Agent Badge and your custom NRRB Verified Agent Profile.

Your Membership is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! If for any reason you feel you are not benefiting from your membership – Cancel at any time and receive a full refund! We are committed to providing you with the utmost customer service just as you do for your clients. Day in – Day out!

NRRB Membership Dues – As an NRRB member, you’re not just joining a community of top real estate agents – you’re investing in your own success. Our affordable membership dues are allocated to advertise and promote our members. NRRB membership ensures your costs are minuscule compared to other advertising costs you have most likely encountered. Unlike other organizations, we limit our memberships to a small number locally, equaling a large database of members nationwide. You will find that not every agent in your city/county is a member. We are looking to establish a winning partnership while maintaining our sites and working with our many advertising partners. We keep it simple and cost effective. The NRRB’s success relies on connecting buyers and sellers with YOU, The Top Best Agent in their area! Resulting in a win-win-win!

By submitting your NRRB application dues you are agreeing  to honor the NRRB’s Principles of Trust

Our Principles of Trust are a complete set of guidelines, measures and best practices focused on how real estate agents should engage with consumers in all situations – with honesty, integrity & fairness. NRRB membership is a privilege and not every real estate agent or agency is eligible to join. Only real estate agents and their agencies who meet our Performance Standards and Principles of Trust are invited to join.

  • Commitment… Take individual responsibility for meeting shared goals and honoring commitments to clients, our communities and associates.
  • Compassion… Understand the importance of acting with empathy and developing meaningful relationships that will positively influence our associates and consumers.
  • Quality… Provide outstanding service, quality and unsurpassed dedication that, together, deliver premium value to the real estate marketplace.
  • Integrity… Obey client’s lawful instructions in a timely manner and uphold the highest standards in all our actions.
  • Teamwork… Work together, across boundaries and in partnership, to meet consumer needs and achieve partnered goals.
  • Respect… Value all clients and their diversity, providing elite service to all.
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  • Good Citizenship… Seek to find ways in which to engage and support the communities where we live and work, through volunteerism, civic involvement and leading by example.
  • Personal Accountability… Keep our commitments to one another and to those we serve through accepting ownership for the quality of the work we produce. We have a strong desire to win in the marketplace and in every aspect of our business, and each associate accepts personal responsibility for achieving organizational success.
  • Confidentiality… Maintain client’s private, confidential information and best interests above all else.
  • Good Standing Member… Maintain good standing membership.

The NRRB ensures your commitment and success as a real estate professional has been validated and is instantly recognizable by potential clients.

NRRB Membership recognizes proven producers as well as rising stars bringing new energy to the real estate marketplace. Our goal is to get every client working with the right agent, right from the start.

Recognized Top Performers – In a market saturated with Real Estate Agents competing for motivated clients, NRRB Membership provides consumers with confidence they are choosing a proven, experienced and trustworthy Realtor®. NRRB Verified agents are true top performers in their local market.

NRRB Connects – Consumers connect with agents through NRRB Verified Agent profile pages with confidence and ease. 

NRRB Verified Agent profiles showcase services, resources, education and proven track record to potential clients.

Thank you for your time. We look forward to working with you.

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