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PJ Trautman

PJ Trautman
Champaign County Realty
1712 S Duncan Rd. Champaign, IL 61822
Mobile: 217-714-1234

  • Champaign Top Producer
  • Local Real Estate Expert

PJ enjoys the marketing process of selling a home and enjoys ensuring that a home is being presented to buyers at it’s highest potential. He knows his Real Estate appraisal background helps ensure that his clients pay or receive the best price for a home.

PJ Trautman was born and raised in Champaign/Urbana. Living here his whole life, he has familiarized himself with the community and what it has to offer.

“PJ recently sold a house for my husband and I and did a terrific job! There are many things about him I appreciated: great listener, well organized, met every benchmark/due date on time, etc. He always behaved like the professional he is and always had a Plan B in mind just at the time we needed it. He even did a couple of personal favors he was under no obligation to do. I would never hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Thanks for your help, PJ!” ~ Client Review

“We could not be more happy with our decision to work with PJ Trautman on selling our house. He knew exactly how to price our house, and how to prepare it for the market. We were selling our house and moving across the country fairly quickly, so timing was critical for us. He expertly negotiated many aspects of the post-inspection agreement and even the amount we ended up paying for work we had to have done on the house. He did most of this in our absence, as we had to move out of state before closing. He is well-connected to many kinds of professionals in the community, and incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of real estate, home improvement, etc.” ~ Client Review

“Knows the market. His popularity in the community makes him the best choice for finding a buyer. He was extremely helpful in giving us guidance in preparing the property. He knew the proper pricing to ask for the property. Very professional at negotiating with a variety of different buyers. He was able to point out to each one why this location would benefit them. At the closing every one that was needed was on hand. No surprises and went smoothly. Once again I recommend him above anyone I have ever worked with. Thanks PJ.” ~ Client Review

“As someone who has purchased and renovated several rental properties, I can say with confidence PJ is by far the most knowledgeable, ethical, and responsive agent we have ever dealt with. Not only has he helped with our purchases, he is very well-connected with reputable tradespeople who can help with various jobs and repairs on the properties. I would highly recommend him for any real-estate transaction or property management. We use him for both and couldn’t be happier! When we’re ready to sell, PJ will be our realtor!” ~ Client Review

“PJ and his staff were extremely helpful and patient while assisting me and my family in purchasing our country home. PJ was not pushy at all in our selection and was always there to get us quotes and information about our home. PJ and his staff exceeded every expectation we had for a real estate company and they will be the only realtors that we will ever use from now on. Thank you for an excellent experience.” ~ Client Review

We used PJ to buy a house in Champaign. Everything went smoothly. We came from out of town and he suggested a Realty attorney and a carpet guy for us. Everything went off without a hitch. Can’t say enough good things about PJ! Will use them again if we need to sell our house or buy another one!” ~ Client Review 

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